Blue Ox



Superior stabilizing trac bars. The springs of gas motorhomes tend to sway from side to side, such as when passing a large vehicle. This is especially true of late-model coaches with long parabolic springs and an extended rear overhang. Situated between the rear axle and the frame, Blue Ox Trac Bars allow unhindered up-and-down movement of the springs while virtually eliminating tail wag. So you’ll find your coach easier to drive and the ride more enjoyable.
Fits most motorhomes. We've created Blue Ox Trac Bar units for all Workhorse W Series and P Series chassis; Ford F-53, E-350 and E-450 models; plus Chevy P Series gas chassis and Kodiac Super C 4500 and 5500. You’re sure to find one that fits your motorhome.
Superior construction, easy installation.Blue Ox Trac Bars are made from premium materials for increased stability, while the competition uses lesser expensive, less sturdy materials. Installation is easy, with only basic tools needed. No drilling is required, so your coach and chassis warranties remain intact.
Blue Ox - a name you can trust. Trac Bars fom Blue Ox are backed by our 3 year warranty. So you can purchase a unit with full confidence you'll enjoy superior performance for the long haul.
  • Diminishes the effects of crosswinds, passing vehicles, and shifting cargo

  • Improves overall stability of your vehicle

  • Confidently execute turns and quick maneuvers

  • Allows for a level ride on unseen surfaces

  • Rear-axle weight transfer reduces body roll

  • Three year warranty

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